A Letter from the Editor - Volume 3

by Sarah Carpenter

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to Volume three of Et Toile. I will be honest with you. This issue has one story in it, currently. Just one from a contributor. I am setting out to write one other.

At first, this fact upset me. It frustrated me that I haven’t had the time or the energy or the will power to write more articles or to reach out to content creators. I was upset with myself for making the excuses about it and annoyed that Et Toile doesn’t have more followers, a bigger platform to share stories on. I’ve realized that this, none of this, matters. I didn’t set out to create Et Toile so it could “go viral” or so that it could have high quantities of content, I set out to share stories that matter, stories that will change people, impact lives, make the world a little better. I set out to share stories and images that inspire, make someone laugh, encourage giving, encourage art.

So it doesn’t matter how much content we have. I will continue to publish whatever content comes my way that I truly believe in. Send me your beautiful stories. Send me the images that speak to you. Don’t send me anything because you want to help this little magazine out or because you want to be published. Send it so you can make a little change in the world.

I look forward to reading what you send and writing some fun pieces for this volume.